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Better cryptocurrency accounting through automation

We Provide Services For:

Empowering Data-Driven Decision Making

  • Transaction tracking and business analytics

  • Unified dashboard for monitoring your crypto assets across all wallets and exchanges

  • Custom integrations for Quickbooks and Xero accounting software

  • Real-time information on cryptocurrency prices and market movements

  • Painless & automated income tax form preparation

Accounting Facilitated through automation

Spend less time on manual data entry and more time doing actual accounting

Import thousands of transactions in seconds, we will handle all the USD conversions for you

Load data from spreadsheets into Quickbooks and Xero with the click of a mouse

Generate tax return documents- such as IRS Form 8949- with ease

Use a single portal for all your clients - no need for multiple logins or data transfers

Smarter analytics to maximize your mining profits

  • Unified dashboard with real-time data visualization across all your mining rigs and crypto holdings

  • Tracking of relative profitability for each alt-coin you're mining, enabling you to continuiosuly optimize your operation

  • Daily and real-time mining reports for greater insight into your mining operation's performance

  • Automated and simplified accounting means less data entry and more time spent mining or running masternodes

  • Painless & automated income tax form preparation 

The One and Only Crypto Dashboard You'll Ever Need

  • Use a unified dashboard for monitoring your crypto assets across all wallets and exchanges

  • Receive real-time information on cryptocurrency prices and market movements

  • Get a clear picture of your most and least profitable trades with real-time profitability analysis for all coins that you buy and sell

  • If you file your taxes yourself- use our tax form prep engine and save hours of manual calculations

  • If you work with a tax prep professional- save on tax prep fees with our simplified reporting and automated tax form generation

Crypto Taxes Done Smarter


Don't make the mistake of paying too much on your taxes!

Let us help you maximize your tax savings

Knowing where your portfolio is - day by day, minute by minute -makes all the difference.  Structuring your trades like a well-informed trader can end up being the difference between paying 37% and paying 0% for your income taxes.  There are certain important rules to know.. for instance if you have more than $3,000 of losses in excess of your capital gains, you will have to carry that loss forward against future capital gains.  For a more detailed explanation, you can refer to this post written by Drew, our CFO.

Furthermore, you should be aware that when calculating capital gains and losses, the IRS requires that taxpayers report the cost basis of the crypto holdings for the date that the currency changed hands by calculating its "fair market value". The fair market value must be determined in a “reasonable manner which is consistently applied” for each individual.  There are over 190 crypto exchanges in the world, and at least as many ways to calculate the cost basis for each individual's trades.  We've developed a proprietary algorithm that optimizes this calculation, minimizing your tax liability wherever possible.

If your crypto accountant has not talked to you about cost-basis optimization, you could be leaving money on the table. 

About Us

Alex Ivanov

Software architect.  Full-Stack developer.  Casual hacker.  Proponent of automation through code and container orchestration.  Studied Applied Mathematics at Columbia University.

Andrew Kernosky CO-FOUNDER / CFO
Andrew Kernosky

IRS Enrolled Agent and owner of Archer Tax Group. One of the leading experts in cryptocurrency taxation in the U.S.  This year he is spoke at Discon in Boulder and ChainXchange in Las Vegas.

Our Story

CryptoCounting was founded in Colorado in 2018, and is the shared vision of Alex Ivanov, a Software Engineer with a love for automation, and Drew Kernosky - a financial expert and IRS Enrolled Agent specializing in cryptocurrency.

We agreed that the needs of crypto miners and businesses were not being met by the current accounting software.  We spoke with numerous frustrated people who are doing their best with the tools that they have but finding out that those tools are lacking, that they still require a lot of manual steps and repetitive tasks.

After we spent a couple of months working with our first client, a Bitcoin ATM company based in Colorado, we realized that many other businesses could benefit from the tools that we've built for them to import and visualize their transaction data.  We decided to create a software suite for crypto accounting and tax preparation that would liberate people from unnecessary manual data entry and allow businesses to focus on that which matters most - running their businesses.  Crypto accounting should not be one of your business' biggest headaches. 

We want to automate your accounting processes.  We want to make them smoother and more streamlined and pain-free and less time-consuming.  Give us a call to discuss a consultation, or use the link to the Contact Form below to send us a message and schedule a free consultation for your business or mining operation.  Cheers.

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